Jen Jamieson is a Perth based artist.

Shopping til you drop. ‘Building’ endless Ikea chairs against the clock. Lying supine. Banal repetition. Intimate photographic self-portraiture. A 15-minute endurance performance. Vital statistics gathered by literally physically moving the audience to observe statistics about themselves.

Jen was raised by a single father in the days when Centrelink only had a “single mother’s benefit”.  He brought her up to question society and needless to say he was let down when she demanded Barbie dolls and then developed a love of trashy magazines and expensive shoes.   She wants to do good things.  Her arts practice explores authenticity, intimacy and the image in all its seductive wonder.

Jen studied visual art at the National Art School, as well as acting and then went on to graduate with First Class Honours in media studies where she produced and directed several short films that screened and won awards in national & international film festivals. Over the last few years she has been developing an interdisciplinary arts practice, utilising her video/photography and theatre training in performance making. She is one half of something in common (sic) – a performance duo that presented Australia Council funded shop till you drop: a 40-hour shopping crusade at Artrage Festival. (sic) have also performed at BEAP, Nerdstock, Electrofringe, and were the recipients of a CultureLAB residency in 2008. (sic) uses theatre, visual art, dance and live art frameworks.

Jen recently received funding from ArtsWA and the Australia Council Inter-Arts board to stage her hybrid art project, the booth, a video confession booth where she was the camera priest.

Jen’s work is often physical, drawing on endurance performance and durational works, striving for it to be visually striking. It is ‘interactive’ and there is a blur between audience and artist.  Jen makes herself vulnerable and through this allows humour to emerge. Jen met Mish Grigor at Time_Place_Space_6, and formed BRINKMANSHIP who staged We Will Build Our Own Mountain last year, a durational performance that saw them build a mountain of ice, climb it and then wait for it to melt. Jen also participated in ‘Visible City’ the keynote at Melbourne Fringe Festival last year, where she lived with ten other artists for three weeks making ‘spontaneous’ work for the festival. Recently Jen has also performed with pvi collective at Rolling Stock (Junee).


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